One of the winning factors in our philosophy is creating value and quality through our products and services; we strive to be as innovative as possible, as well as suitable for the growing necessities of the market. Our will to provide quality and  value represents a line to follow for the future, and has so far led many customers across the globe to choose us.

We also take responsibility for constantly improving our performance from an environmental point of view by using photovoltaic modules and methane as energy sources.

The company has been paying more and more attention to good environmental practices and, in compliance with new European regulations in the energy sector, has recently carried on an eco-sustainability project through the implementation of a photovoltaic plant covering a surface of 18.000 square meters and developing 750 Kwh, in order to meet the power needs of the company while fully respecting the environment.

We also use methane, an energy source with a low environmental impact, and have developed a recycling policy based on the selection and separation of biodegradable waste.


The Pucci Group makes use of modern industrial technologies, machinery and equipment, as well as laboratories of research and analysis, which make it possible to reach levels of absolute excellence when it comes to product quality and product storage.

The company is BRC and IFS certified, and can proudly boast its being the first food company in Italy to have been ISO 22000 certified by DNV Italy. ISO 22000 standards focus on hygiene practices and food product safety, as well as voluntary international standard for food safety management and productions processes.
The company is also ISO14000 and BioAgricert IT BIO 007 certified.