Berni is also market leader with Condiriso, a vegetable-based condiment for cold rice salads, with over 8 million units sold each year. Berni’s Condiriso is the original Condiriso; the name of products itself is used to indicate the whole product category. In addition to the trademark Condiriso, Berni is also owner of the brands Condipasta, Condispaghetti, Conditoast, Carciofotto e W la Pizza.

Our product lines

Condi Line
Condiriso is an original Berni product and a registered trademark. The original recipe includes 12 different vegetables, carefully selected, and has changed the eating habits of Italians. Condiriso is available in five different recipes: Originale, Leggero (Light), Wurstel (sausage), Mare (seafood) and Stevia.


The simple yet full flavor of true Apulian artichokes, processed from the fresh raw material.


Grilled Antipasti
A selection of tasty vegetables, sliced and grilled, in sunflower oil.


Vegetables in Oil and Brine
A range of vegetable preserved in oil, brine and sweet-and-sour sauce, suitable for all occasions. Carefully selected, these vegetables are prepared in accordance with our own original, mouth-watering recipes and can be used to accompany all kinds of dishes.


Our range of sauces includes pesto, prepared with the best ingredients in order to bring the flavor of the original recipe from Liguria to the table, and a selection of bruschetta, a unique condiment, perfect as a starter or aperitif for parties and friendly occasions.


Ready in 15 minutes only, our risotto recipes are a complete dish prepared in accordance with Italian gastronomic traditions, suitable for all occasions and ideal for a quick yet savory meal.